Bennelong Northside Orienteers History

50 Years in 2021

Bennelong Northside Orienteers (BNO) celebrates half a century as Australia's oldest orienteering club in 2021.

To mark the occasion BNO is holding its 50th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration at Balgowlah RSL Club on 3 December 2021.


6pm Arrival Meet & Greet

  - Welcome, name tags, lucky door prize tickets, & drink vouchers [Katherine Cameron & Linda Mandin]

  - Drink & Chat

  - Memorabilia Display [Janet Dawkins]

  - Photographers for the evening [Darren Slattery, Rachael Povah, Brett Sewell, Tshinta Hopper, Angus Cameron]

[Images: Katoomba Mt Hay Map/Course & Results / BNO 50 Years Logo]

[6.25pm Seating]

6.30pm Welcome, & Acknowledgement of Country [Julian Ledger (MC)]

6.40pm President's Report [Terry Bluett]

  - Includes acknowledgement of Bruce & Janet Dawkins as longest members

[Images: Bruce & Janet Dawkins]

[6.50pm Entree]

7pm Interviews [Ian Jessup (ONSW)]

  - Formation of BOO:

    Q&A with Dave Lotty. And Rod Dominish (represented by son Greg)

    [Images: Katoomba Mt Hay Map/Course & Results / Dave Lotty (1972) / Rod Dominish (1972) / 1st BOO Logo / 2nd BOO Logo]

  - Early Days of BOO & NOSH:

    Q&A with Dick Mountstephens & Bruce Dawkins (BOO). And with Neil Schafer, including remembering Owen Hales (NOSH)

    [Images: 2nd BOO Logo / 3rd BOO Logo / Dick Mountstephens / Bruce Dawkins (BOO) // 1975 NOSH Map / 1st NOSH Logo / 2nd NOSH Logo / 1980 NOSH Map / Neil Schafer, & Owen Hales (NOSH)]

  - The Great NOSH Footrace:

    Q&A with inaugural (1975) winner Ian Rannard. And with later organisers Graham Galbraith, Darren Slattery & Joel Putnam

[Images: Course Promo Logo (2001) / Colin & Ian Rannard crossing Roseville Bridge (late-1970s) // Mugs / 2011 Start (video) / Wet Weather (video) / Happy Finishers (2021)]

  - MetrO-League:

    Terry Bluett & Ian Jessup remember Frank Assenza

[Images: Frank Assenza / 1997 Winning Team / MetrO-League Trophy]

[7.30pm Dinner]

8pm Presidents' Roll Call [Sharon Lambert & Peter Hopper]

  - Presidents' Photo & Cake Cutting

[Images: Presidents 1971-1996]

8.15pm Quiz Questions & Self-Scored Answers [Quiz Master Mel Cox]

[8.30pm Cake Dessert & Tea/Coffee]

8.45pm ONSW Congratulations & Quiz Winner Announcement [Robyn Pallas (ONSW President)]

9pm Lucky Door Prize Draw [RSL Club Staff Person]

9.05pm Thankyous & Goodnight [Julian Ledger]

9.15pm Informalities

  - 50 Years of Music for Dancing & Socialising & Photos

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